Friday, June 27, 2014

Comfortable in a crowd

As an introvert I've determined that the place I feel the most comfortable is... in the midst of a large crowd of people. Like at a concert (where everyone is standing), at a festival, walking around in the middle of a city, or... like last night when there was a record crowd for the Fort Wayne Tincaps game at Parkview Field (9,000-some people). That seems kind of crazy, but I think it's true of a lot of introverts (maybe). I am much more comfortable in crowds than I am even at home by myself. Although, I do recall that I used to feel great comfort running as well. It was usually after 5 miles or so... that's kind of when I would 'hit my stride'... or maybe that was the "runners high." I don't know. I think maybe the comfort from a crowd has to do with the anonymity. I feel comfortable being a nobody, where I don't stick out at all, where there is no attention being drawn to me in particular. So maybe it's not so odd.

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