Saturday, July 26, 2014

Golf cart tires

We got 2 new tires for the golf cart at work. The front tires both have nails/screw in them, but they apparently still hold air. The back tires were almost completely bald and had threads showing through. So I suggested we look into the price of new tires. Two other facilities had carts with flat tires too.

So I called Bill Miller Golf Cars and asked some questions. First I discovered they are golf "cars" and not "carts." Who knew? Then I found out that golf car tires are pretty much all the same size: 8x8.5.... they are $66 for the tire already on a rim and $47 just for the tire (but they don't install them on rims).... and I didn't realize that this place is just a couple miles from my house!

So the OM and I asked one of the owners about getting some tires and he was like, "well, yeah, just get them." So the OM gave me the company credit card and I picked up 4 tires yesterday morning before work. Two were for mine, one for Time Corners and one for Lima/Cook. I then delivered the tires to their respective places, and headed to my facility and put the new tires on my golf car. It only took about 10 minutes. I used my car jack and the four lugnuts are the same as on a regular car tire.

I don't know about the other facilities, but my cart/car rides a LOT better. It used to wobble along, and now it's pretty smooth.

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