Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yes, i know

I am aware that I have not been keeping up with the name of the blog. I have no excuse, but several reasons. I have been fighting a cold, cough, allergy and sinus issues. My energy is not the greatest right now. I've also taken on some additional responsibilities at work. And I was out of town this weekend. However, I think mostly I have been coming to terms with some grief/sorrow issues. I probably have not done a real good job of processing things lately, but the book I am currently reading is helping. One of the main changes I've made is trying to read every morning again. It's nice. So, one of these days I need to get around to writing about: the weekend home, my new job responsibilities, getting a raise, the book I'm reading, and... I've been thinking about concentrating my writing more on the grief process I've been going through for the past year. I've not been allowed to share much about it (by the leaders of my former church), but I have learned a great deal. I'm finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel (ever so faintly). It will probably take a lot of fumbled attempts to get it across. So please be patient, my friends. I still value this blog, but the picture is big and we've got a lot of time.


Pastor D said...

Life is a journey...a lot to process...but in the end we are more than conquerors.

MR said...

Definitely better to process it than to let it get baked in. I don't think I'd be much help, so I'll just be annoyingly supportive, haha. My recent experiences with betrayal, both by "friends" and at work were nothing compared to your experience. I loved your comment when I was apologizing for dragging you in to it: "this is just my life now." haha! In both of my cases I can look back and say those people did more damage to themselves than they did to me. I also happen to think that's the case with your situation also, but they just don't realize it. The only "real" grief I would say I've had in my life came at a time when I was fighting for survival. You'd have to imagine standing at the stern of an ocean liner out to sea and someone comes up and says "you're fresh out of parents" then kicking you overboard. The distraction probably helped. Anyway, point being, I'd be interested to read anything you have to say about the process.

MR said...

and in re-reading that, I meant to say that those betraying you damaged themselves as well, but no necessarily more than the damage the inflicted on you since they don't realize it.