Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jason, windjam, music on main = home

This past Saturday we made a quick trip back home to Illinois. Sheffield was having their annual 'Music On Main' celebration. They block off main street and have food, drinks, music, and games for people of all ages. There was quite the crowd, as there were several class reunions being held that same night. It was fun.

Not like that wasn't enough going on, but Brothers Pub - perfectly located right at the end of Main Street - was having a special performance that night as well. Sheffield's own, Jason Ringenberg, played there. Jason is known as the front man for the band Jason & the Scorchers. He also performs solo, as well as impersonating his "twin" brother Farmer Jason from time to time. It was a packed house at Brothers all night long. And good to see.

Jason took the stage with his acoustic guitar at 10 pm. He did a solo set, as well as this rousing rendition of the Farmer Jason song, 'The Tractor Goes Chug, Chug, Chug.' I'm not even sure how long he played, but it was nice for all his hometown friends to finally get to see him play Eventually the house band - Windjam - backed Jason up and they did a set of Jason & the Scorchers songs. Then Windjam ended the evening doing their own wonderful blues music.

I saw sooooo many old friends from high school and from when we used to live here. It really was an awesome time. Even daughter Carrie was brave enough to leave her three young-uns with my parents for a few hours so she could take in the festivities.

I did get a chance to chat with Jason some before the show, and then again as the night/morning wore down we sat on the bench on main street and reminisced and talked about kids and church and farming and such. He is one swell guy. As are Mike & Danny, who own Brothers. And I was a proud uncle as Dr. Tim - one of the organizers of Music On Main - was one of the last people to leave after cleaning up. How many town doctors put in free time and effort to help the town they work in and are from? It was a great night to be in Sheffield.

As far as logistics and our family... Carrie and the kids (Anna, Bennett and Caleb) picked Jane up Friday evening and drove to my parents house in Drew Carrie's van. I drove out by myself Saturday morning. Drew had to work. Then I turned around and came home Sunday after lunch, and the girls and the kids came back Monday. I guess poor little Caleb cried almost the entire drive there and back. Other than that, though, it was a great time. Here are a few random pics from Saturday night.

Daughter Carrie and Jason

Jason's mom (on left), Wink and Darlene

Jason Ringenberg

Jason & Windjam (Danny, Linda, and Joe - minus Mike and Lisa)

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MR said...

That does sound like it was a good time. You guys were out LATE!