Thursday, August 07, 2014

Fort wayne bands i like this summer

I think there is actually a pretty good music scene in Fort Wayne. There are plenty of local bands I've seen and like - and plenty I have yet to see - but my three personal favorites this summer are:

The Tone Junkies
Dan Dickerson's Harp Condition

I have seen URB several times, and it's just hard to not like their energy and enthusiasm. Man, they just make you want to groove. I also like the way they've redone some cover songs in their own special way. Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' (is that it? maybe it's another. i can't think right now) is superb.

The Tone Junkies are kinda in the same boat as URB - they just flat out bring it when they play. Not hardly any banter... just straight up rock your face off. I also dig the vehicles the bass player drives.

Dan is a bit different, in that it's just him on guitar (and harp, of course). He layers and loops his way into some fantastic melodies though. I talked with him for awhile after a show a few years ago, and just really liked him. I actually haven't even seen him yet this summer, but he still makes the list.

There are plenty more that I've liked, but I'm kinda partial to these three (personal reasons). One performer that I would really like to like - is the Sunny Taylor band. She is so good and talented. A great writer, singer, and musician..... She can really disappoint sometimes though. Honestly, she doesn't have a great stage presence. Sometimes she spends more time making jokes with her band mates or talking about herself, and she just doesn't connect with the audience very well. I wish she would let someone coach her on that, but I still like her music.

So... that's all. I like summer outdoor bands that realize they aren't there for people to see them, but they are there to entertain others. So covers are great, and it's even better when they just play music, and spend less time talking. That's what I like.

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MR said...

I agree on the formula. I sat with Lisa when she and Jeremy were with Pop n'Fresh, and she would get so frustrated that they took so long between songs, and they wouldn't string together their dance music. Once they had the crowd on the floor, she though, why not keep them there a while before returning to the R&B? This grew into Lemon Wheel, which at one time was Indy's 3rd most popular cover band before selling it off so her and J could have a baby. They played Columbia Street once just so their family & friends could see them conveniently. Completely coincidentally, the lead guitar of the band says to her: "the only person I know in Fort Wayne is Jim Reilly." Yep, my brother, they both worked for Raytheon. Anyway, they did a great job, just knocking out song after song and they dance floor was filled the whole time. It just wasn't practical to bring everyone up from Indy more than once. And this reminds me that I need to check on Karaoke night at Curly's so I can get her out there again.