Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dr. visit - and day 4

I went to the doctor this morning. I needed to refill a prescription and I hadn't been for a check up in awhile. I also wanted to get his opinion on this knot on my hand. It's like I have an extra knuckle between my index and middle knuckle on my left hand.

The knot - which I'd already had Dr. Tim look at - is just what Tim said... it's a floating cyst. He/they said it may at some point dissipate, or it may stay. It doesn't hurt, but does seem a little more noticeable than when I first realized it was there in early July.

As for the visit... it went well. I always print out a sheet that lists: 1) why I'm there; 2) the medicines I'm currently taking; and 3) any items I think he may need to know.

My prescription for Sertraline (Zoloft) has run out, so he wrote me a new one for that. I had been taking 100 mg a day, but for about the last month or so I've been breaking them in half. So I've only been taking 50 mg/day (which is what I started on). He said he could write me a script for 50 mg, but as long as they weren't too difficult to break in half it would be cheaper to write me one for 100 mg and I could keep breaking them. That way I can save some money, or, if I decide I need to bump back up to 100 I can do that. So that's what we did.

I had recently started taking Lisinopril again for my blood pressure. It has started running a little high since I haven't been exercising, have gained weight, and started smoking. Today it was 134/88 (I was a little stressed because I was running late). He said that was fine, and that I could judge for myself when I needed it and when I didn't (he knows I keep a good eye on my health and regularly check my bp).

We talked about the smoking, and life in general. He said if I needed anymore help besides the patch to just let him know. He said Zoloft also helps with that. He also said that the biggest aide in quitting is simply the desire to quit. He was satisfied that I had the desire and in his usual manner gave me some encouragement.

My weight was 163 (fully clothed). I do have to admit that I purposely wore shorts and left my watch and phone in the car, just so it wouldn't add to it. This time last year I was about 143. I'd settle for being right in the middle of that, but 145-148 is a good weight for me (in my opinion). He was not worried about it, but I know how I feel and where I need to be to get off the meds again. I am going to start working on that - but the smoking is the top priority right now.

He scheduled me for another check-up in 3 months to see how I was doing, and said he may order some more blood work at that time - since it's been awhile since I've had my cholesterol and such checked. Overall, it was a good visit.

UPDATE ON SMOKING: This is day 4 without a cigarette. I do have to admit that I slipped slightly yesterday. I worked with the Sales/General Manager yesterday morning, and that went alright, but then one of the owners was in the rest of the day. He is fine to work with, but I was a little jittery in the afternoon, so I dug through my glove compartment and found an old Pall Mall I had stashed in there a few months ago. I smoked about 1/4 of it at 5 pm, and threw it down. It tasted TERRIBLE, and I wished I hadn't done it. So I'm not counting that as smoking. Otherwise I have been doing pretty good. The patch seems to be working, and I am starting to have a lot more energy. I've also found that taking some deep breaths now and then helps. It's still one day at a time though. I'm sure I will always have somewhat of an urge for a cigarette. Such is life. Today started out great, but then I got to work and... well, I'm hoping this will de-stress me a little.

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MR said...

I could eat the same chicken sandwich over and over somewhere, but the second I hit that piece of gristle or a gamey taste, done. Hopefully the memory of that last one will stay with you.