Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why i want to quit smoking

As previously stated, this is day 3 of my trek to stop smoking. I am using 'the patch,' and it comes with a guide called the HABITROL Take Control Support Program. One of the first things they suggest if you really want to quit is to make a list of the reasons why you want to quit. It should be short enough to be kept on a card in your pocket, or on your mirror, dashboard, or desk. So here is my first attempt as such a list:
  1. Family & friends - the people who care about me and don't want me to smoke.
  2. Freedom - I don't want to be controlled by or tied down to cigarettes (or any other nasty habit).
  3. Health benefits - Cancer, heart disease, emphysema, breathing in general, sense of taste & smell, and so I can begin running again.
  4. The cough - I hate coughing up gunk, and just that lingering cough altogether.
  5. To feel better - I want to have more energy, and a clearer, cleaner mind and body.
  6. Time - I want to start using my time more productively and on things I want to do.

STATUS: So, after two whole days without a cigarette... I already feel better physically and mentally. The cough has been better - even at night - and my breathing seems easier. For some reason my head just feels better too. I have yet to use the nicotine gum - though I did buy some regular (sugar free) gum last night. I guess you're not supposed to chew the nicorette for at least 15 minutes after eating or drinking anything. Um... that's exactly when I want a cigarette. So I plan to chew some regular gum after eating. As far as sleeping - I did wear the patch again last night. I still had weird dreams, but not as wild as the first night. And I rested well. Today will be another challenge, with the Sales Manager working in my office for a few hours, but overall it has went pretty well so far. Sure, I still have the urge for a smoke, but I don't feel like I HAVE TO have a cigarette. I think it was mostly a boredom thing for, so it will take some serious self-discipline to get over that. I do think it was good, though, that I started making my own cigarettes a couple months ago. I have been smoking pipe tobacco, so it doesn't have quite so many chemicals as regular cigarettes, and I also don't inhale near as much. We will see. Here goes day three...


Mike Reilly said...

Awesome! Keep the momentum; or inertia, whichever you prefer.

MR said...


JAH said...

That first reason you listed hits me pretty close to the heart. :) I want to have as many years together as possible. Plus, I know there are a lot of others who feel the same...especially the ones that run and jump into your arms when they see you.