Friday, September 05, 2014

I got a motorcycle

So... remember the story about my doctor friend who crashed his Harley?? Well, last night I bought his '06 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. It has 4530 miles on it. It had 3 miles on it when he bought it new. It did seem a tad ironic to be buying a man's motorcycle while he was in a wheelchair. At least this way he will no longer be tempted to ride it once he's recovered, but if he gets the urge bad enough, he knows he can borrow it anytime. Stranger still was that my next door neighbor just got his dad's Suzuki... because his dad wrecked his Harley. His father was killed in the accident though. Kinda weird that we both got bikes from similar circumstances, and within a week of each other.

Anyway, this is a pic of it in my garage. The son-in-law gave me a ride to my friends house after work last night. Of course it started raining on the way there. It had quit raining by the time I was ready to ride it home though. It rides good, but I do need to practice my starts and stops a little before I'm ready to maneuver the 32 stoplights on my way to work each day. My friend was kind enough to throw in the helmet that's sitting on the backrest.

So, here it is...

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MR said...

Now yer talkin'! That's bad-ass.