Monday, September 08, 2014


Jane and I both took trips this past weekend. She flew to Colorado to see her brother, and Carrie and I drove to Illinois for a memorial service and a visit home. They were both fairly good trips, but we are both pretty tired.

Jane left out of Fort Wayne on Thursday morning. I took her to the airport before my Thursday breakfast group (before work). She flew to Chicago and then on to Denver, then she rented a car and drove up to Loveland. She said the flights were pretty rough due to storms in Chicago and beyond. She stayed with her brother Keith, and it sounds like they mostly just hung out at his house and visited. He has some pretty serious health issues so he doesn't get out much. They did manage a ride on his Harley though. Sunday morning she drove back to Denver, met Keith's step-son Matt and his family for coffee, then flew back home through Chicago. I picked her up at the FWA at 7:45 pm.

Carrie and I - along with 4-month old Caleb - left around 7:30 am Saturday. We drove to Vermont, IL for my aunt Mary Edith's memorial service there. We didn't arrive in time for the burial, but they had a time of sharing and eating afterward and we got there in time for that. I was asked to help with the service, but declined. Homey just doesn't do that anymore. Anyway, the three of us left and drove the 2 hours to Buda just after it was over. I had several cousins, aunts, and other various relatives and friends of my parents there. It went okay. I was not a big fan of this aunt.

When we got to Buda (the hometown) we hung out for awhile, then went to Red's in Sheffield for supper. Dr. Tim and his family came along too. It was kind of busy, but we all finally managed to find a place to eat. Later on that night Carrie and I went back to Sheffield for the Brother's Pub 3-year anniversary party. It was awesome as usual. Windjam played from around 8 pm until after midnight, there was a good crowd, and they had free food. It's always nice to see/hear Windjam play, and it's great seeing old friends.

Carrie left after a few hours (so she could feed Caleb) and I was to get a ride home with Joe and Crystal. Instead, after the bar closed we all went to Julie's moms house. It was me, Moose, Joe, Crystal, Lisa, Julie, and Brenda. We hung out and laughed and talked until around 4 am. I ended up getting a ride to my parent's from Lisa, since she was driving by herself.

Carrie, Caleb and I then left for home on Sunday morning around 10:30 Central Time (11:30 our time). We made good time and got home in 4 1/2 hours. Caleb was super good on the way there and back. All in all it was a really good trip.

When I got home I took a motorcycle ride in the country, then went to pick up Jane. We had supper at Wings, Etc. A good, but tiring, weekend.

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