Saturday, October 11, 2014

B turns 2

Today is our grandson Bennett's 2nd birthday. He goes by Bennett, Benny, Buddy, or simply B. He is also one of the happiest, laid back kids I know.

We are going over to the Feipel's for his birthday party in a little while. We are waiting on my parents to get here from Illinois. I think it's just a small family gathering, and we're having hot dogs on the grill. Should be fun. It is a nice sunny day, even though it's a little chilly (mid-50's).

We got him a monkey hat and a Fisher-Price basketball hoop that fits on the back of a door.

Here are a couple of my favorite photo's of him. Happy Birthday, B!!! Love, Grandpa.


MR said...

he shouldn't be driving without his glasses. Man, it is impossible to look at that piano picture and not laugh.

Happy Birthday Bennito Supreme!

MR said...

Better comment:

You know how sometimes you're just driving around with your friends when a cop lights up behind you and you've gotta be Captain of the ship right then, so you're like: "TAP THAT OUT ON THE FLOORBOARD, PUT THE LID ON THAT STUFF! NOW EVERYBODY JUST BE COO..evening, Officer, what can I do ya for?"