Thursday, October 09, 2014

Mowing shorter

Back to more serious matters... I mowed the lawn again last night. Leaves have begun to fall, so I lowered the deck. I had been mowing on the second from the highest setting, but last night I lowered it two more notches. The next time I mow I will probably lower it another one.

I liked the look of the long grass this summer, but once fall arrives I want my grass as short as possible so there will be as little resistance as possible keeping leaves in my lawn. The neighbors have young kids or better means of dealing with leaves than I do, plus long grass makes them harder to rake or blow to the curb anyway.

So... that was pretty eventful. I also can't believe my mower still works. I really need to think about a new one this coming winter/spring. I've kind of been saying that for a few years though. We'll see.

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