Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Parental visit... and things

My parents came for another visit this past weekend. I always wonder when it will be the last one. My dad will soon be 82 and my mom 77, and my mom does all the driving. Dad pretty much just slept the entire time they were here. They arrived Saturday afternoon - just as we needed to leave to go to Bennett's birthday party, and they left Monday early afternoon, even though they were supposed to be staying until Tuesday morning. I think my mom would like to stay and hang out with Jane, Carrie and the kids - probably for weeks at a time - but dad just can't be away from home for some reason. He's pretty much miserable anytime he travels anywhere. Actually, he pretty much just seems to be miserable and grumpy most of the time, period.

Anyway, I was glad they made it out for B's birthday; I was glad mom got to go shopping with Jane, Carrie and Anna; and I'm glad they made it back home last night. It takes them about 7 hours to make the 5 1/2 hour trip, and they drove through some heavy rain last night.

One kinda funny thing.... I don't remember if it was Saturday night or Sunday morning, but my mom said they were thinking they might go to our old church for Sunday worship (as in, the one that fired me). She just wanted to see how people would react. I'm not sure 'how' serious she was, but I think she would have done it had we not convinced her not to. She can be funny like that. :)

We took them to the church near our house instead. It was our third for fourth time there. The worship leader wasn't quite so bad, but there just seem to be way too many people that are trying so hard to be "cool" that.... I just don't know. Maybe we need to quit trying so hard to find a church. Ugh.

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MR said...

yeah, I think the more your senses fade as you get older the more reliant you are on a familiar environment to be comfortable. I'm living with an old girl right now (my dog). I rearranged the living room last year and she doesn't like to go in there any more. I can tell she's navigating quite a bit by memory. I'm sure I'll be set in my ways when I'm older because of my predisposition to routine even now (although, some of that revolves around taking care of my roommate -- I'm sure that will change when I'm petless some day.)

You know what might be a good accessory for a guest room? (I'm way off on a mental tangent) a dormitory fridge. That way if they want to pick up beer or whatever they have at home they don't have to go to the kitchen and feel like they're intruding. As a matter of fact, if you wanted to make them feel more comfortable you could steal something out of the THEIR fridge. I'm adding it to the list of post-mortgage stuff. I'm actually going to make one of the bedrooms into a bedroom.

Huh? Where am I? Dan's blog? Oh... sorry.