Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We're #1

I was sitting at work trying to stay awake yesterday when a lady walked in and presented this plaque to me. Cool! I have no idea what it really means or how the winner was chosen or anything, but after being made to feel that the previous 14 years of my life were a total waste, I'll take it!

I do realize this had very little to do with me - I just happen to be the manager working there now - but still... this sucker is hanging on MY office wall. :) And I do like where I work. I started here at the beginning of the year. I wasn't really even looking for a job yet; it just sort of happened (thanks to my son-in-law). No, it's not my dream job, nor do I want to do it forever, but it is a very nice storage facility and the people I work with and for are really nice. It has been good for me.

My facility has 27 buildings, housing around 750 storage units (once construction is finished on our current project), we offer both climate-controlled and conventional storage, and it is in one of the fastest growing parts of this beautiful city of 250,000+. Sure, it is also the most expensive storage facility in town, but I do like to think it's one of the best too. I know, as the manager, I do my best to keep it looking and running good. We also have one building of office suites (and one is currently available if you know someone looking for prime office/business space along a major thoroughfare).

So there ya go... It's not a "major award" like a leg lamp or anything... but it's somethin'.


Tom said...

Every now and then I will run across a business or organization that is campaigning for one of these. They tell me to go to some site and vote for them as a Fort Wayne best. Since you didn't know anything about it I guess you weren't one of those campaigners. Maybe you should start a consulting business advising groups that want to be a Fort Wayne Best.

Pastor D said...