Saturday, October 04, 2014

Random... overview

It's a cool, fall Saturday morning. I am blogging live today from our Downtown facility. I don't work too many Saturdays, and when I do, it is often here. I wouldn't want to work at this facility all the time - I think I would be bored, and wouldn't make as much money - but it's a nice place for me on the occasional Saturday. It is generally pretty slow, and I am able to write a couple weeks worth of blog posts for later use. Plus it's a pretty neat place. Our company converted the old downtown Kroger store into a 2-story self-storage facility. It is on the smaller size compared to our other facilities, but it's a pretty neat place, and I like watching all the traffic go by on Lafayette/Spy Run and State Street.

Tonight we are babysitting the grandkids and it will be the first over-nighter with all three of them. The cat will hate it, but grandma and I won't mind. Jane bought them all new pajamas yesterday. There could be a tent made at some point tonight.

Speaking of yesterday... I didn't realize I got off work at 12:30. So I took in Denzel Washington's new flick 'The Equalizer.' I went to the theater right beside where I work, had popcorn for lunch, and did something I haven't done for awhile. I used to have a regular practice of going to afternoon movies by myself. It was a way to force myself to not think about other stuff. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie, though it doesn't warrant a post by itself. It wasn't really that good: very predictable; a little hokie at times for a Denzel piece even; and pretty much like every other movie he is in. But I have a weakness for watching action movies, and it was a worthwhile way to spend the afternoon.

Not sure where we will attend church services tomorrow. We're kind of lost in that area again. It will mostly depend on whether we still have the g-kids or not. We may not even go anywhere. Who knows. Ugh.

I am liking the new iPhone, btw. I don't 'need' it at all, but I have to admit that it's nice. I am using it for my radio at work right now. How cool is that? Plus I've downloaded a weather app (weather bug), a guitar tuner, google maps, the bible, and some other stuff. I can dig it.

Still no cigarettes, and no patch. I haven't worn the patch all week, and this is... what... is it 3 weeks smoke-free? Could be. It's amazing how much better I feel, not only physically, but I am feeling really good mentally as well. I kinda, sorta feel like somethin' is about to happen... Maybe even somethin' big. But I dunno.

Well, I think I will change gears and write some things down for later. Peace out, peeps; and in.

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MR said...

the last time you said something big was about to happen Taco Bell came out with the Dorito shell AND Wendy's premiered the "Baconator". haha... okay, I completely made that up, but hopefully it's a good thing that's about to happen.