Friday, October 03, 2014

Thinking about... church

Just thinking out loud about church stuff again.... And not really just church, but church gatherings.

I kind of like a gathering that is simple, un-polished, and authentic. More specifically...

- An introduction/interaction time
- A prayer or reading to sort of set the course for the time together
- Some singing together (old hymns or new, or better yet, both)
- A time for sharing joys and sorrows (somewhere in there)
- Scripture reading, and maybe some thoughts on it by someone
- Communion
- A time for contemplation
- An ending time with music, song, prayer, chit-chat, and whatever needs to happen

I am not saying this is how all church "gatherings" or "services" should be, or that this is how it is in the Bible... This is simply a format that I like. I suppose I'm pretty hard to please, though. My expectations are too high, or something like that.

On a different sort of vein... I think some of the best "gatherings" I have been a part of were among smaller groups of people. Isaac's church in Anderson; the church we tried to be a part of on North Anthony... they consisted of around 15-30 people, but people who seemed to want to be there; and people who were obviously together other than just during that time. At the same time, though, sometimes it has been really good at Grace - which is fairly large. So... I dunno.

Gotta go.

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