Monday, November 17, 2014

First significant snow, and other randomlies

We received our first significant snow of the year yesterday afternoon and last night. It was just a couple inches, but the ground is now covered and the streets are slick. Today/tonight we're supposed to get an "arctic blast" of cold air too. I think that means 20's during the day and possibly single digits tonight. I hate winter.

We had a pleasant surprise in church yesterday morning when I looked up and one of our bartenders was sitting in front of us. We ended up moving to a table with some other friends and she came along. Her daughter (Riley) is the same age as Anna, and it turns out she goes to the same preschool as the daughter of the friends we were sitting with. We also got a nice message from Paul M.

I switched my daily breakfast food today from peanut butter and jelly on toast - which it's been for several months - back to egg beaters. I also put a dab of ketchup on them. I need to get to work on this gut.

I also have a garbage bag full of old dress shirts I'm planning to drop off for Good Will today. Yesterday I was swapping out summer shirts for winter shirts in my closet, and I determined that I don't really need so many dress shirts anymore. Some of them had been my dad's, some were way too big, some were just out of style or were shirts I didn't really like anyway. I could probably go through and get another garbage bag full if I wanted. I never wear dress shirts anymore.

I am not ready for winter. I hope the Escape is at least good on the snow and ice. I don't know, though. It took me two tries to get up the driveway with it last night when I got home. Ugh. I hate winter.


MR said...

That's ironic. When you mentioned the bartender had her daughter with her, I was trying to remember her daughter's name.

While the traction control on my car can take a little bit of credit, I'm very satisfied with my last tire purchase. This was a result of buying CHEAP tires the time before and hating them, plus talking to Kenny about tires kept it fresh in my mind. When I got to Tire Barn I went with prominent brand name: Michelin, who owns BF Goodrich. I bought a full set of the Symmetry and months later, driving through the snow I thought about how well it was handling and how it seemed to just cut right through it. I thought that again last night (although on the way back I got behind some guy who must have had terrible tires because he was going 20mph).

This is a pre-Christmas snow and therefore falls under the header of "decoration". I like that soft white glow coming through the windows (if not the glare when I'm outside).

Great thing about this year's Christmas party, by the way, I think I have finally finished vetting and have a pure, unadulterated room of extraordinary people coming. And THAT just recharges my battery. Superman's yellow sun, Pac-Man's power pellet, Popeye's Spinach... etc.

Pastor D said...

We booked a flight to PHX in January - this early wintry blast is not helping - I think our 18 year old cat's been sleeping 20 hours a day...S.N.O.W is a four letter word!