Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm not sure what happened there

I have no idea what's going on with my blog. Last night I tried to look at it, and it kept redirecting to some kind of "advert." This was the link it redirected to: (if that means anything to anyone). I couldn't sign in or anything. So I changed my google password and just went to bed. Now, this morning, it seems back to normal. But who knows.

I have noticed the past few weeks that I've had a "Googlebot" going through my archives to old posts. So I suppose it's something Google did to sabotage one of their own blogs (I believe Google owns Blogger).

I did hear from a friend from Missouri last night about it. For all I know Jim may have fixed it. If so, thanks Jim! :)

Other than that... I was totally prepared to lose my blog last night. Sure, there are lots of memories and things here, but nothing really important. It would be like a house fire, I suppose. Sometimes I do think this is kind of pointless though, and a big waste of time. But I guess it's a classic - 'it is what it is.' So... whatever.

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MR said...

As notorious as Google is for hording data, I bet these blogs will be safe and restorable for way longer than we want them to be.