Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pictures from work

I took a couple pictures at my office yesterday. In this top photo is a view of my desk area, after I decorated it for Christmas. I found these stockings in the dumpster - left by the alcohol distributor who rents one of my offices - and thought they went nicely with the green background. I put a business card of each of the people who work in this office on a stocking. The wreath is up there all the time, and I got the Christmas card on the back desk in the mail yesterday. I'd say that's about as Christmas-y as it needs to get for me.

This next photo is of the bike I found in an abandoned unit. I'd seen someone put these kitty litter buckets on as saddlebags, so I thought this would work out great on the "work bike." Since it's too cold for the golf cart, and I'm too cheap to drive my car around the facility, I thought as long as there's no ice or snow I could ride the bike around - when I need to check on things, or move someone in or out, or deliver a package, or whatever. Now I can tote stuff around with me and/or pick up trash along the way. And it was super easy. I read about all kinds of ways to hook the buckets on, but I opted for simply using a bungee cord on each side around the top. So far they seem to be fairly secure, and easy enough to remove for dumping. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Plus I got rid of a couple kitty litter buckets from our stack in the basement at home.

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