Friday, December 12, 2014

My business card

Another work related post. I finally got some business cards. I can't even remember when the pictures were taken, but it was a loooong time ago. And, as per usual, they are pretty poorly done. Oh, they're quality cards, but my picture is awful. Everyone else's were from farther back. Mine is fairly obvious that my head is photoshopped onto the background, and I have a stupid look on my face. It's more like a mugshot. My shirt is also scrunched up. The main thing though... the phone number is wrong. The sales guy had the cards made, and they conveniently have HIS phone number on them instead of mine. He said it was "an oversight" and that we can change it. Yeah, as soon as I go through these 10,000 cards! Whatever. It's not a big deal, but it's the first time I've ever had business cards so I admit I was a little excited... until they arrived. Such is life. :/

The top is the front and the bottom is the back. I blackened out the address, phone number, and web site.


MR said...

I don't think business cards cost that much. And I think there's a satisfaction guarantee at most places since there's so much competition in that area. If you end up getting the phone number changed, and you should so that it doesn't cut into your bonuses, you could send them another picture if you don't like the one they have. But that's the practical problem-solving, advice you don't need part of the message. The rest is: Awww Man! That Sucks!

Jim Lehmer said...

What MR said. And for the record, I really dislike receiving a biz card with stuff on the back, because I recycle business cards as shopping list/note card stock (they're the perfect size to fit in a pocket/wallet), and that kind of card means it's going right in the trash instead of being saved for good use. Just sayin'. :)