Thursday, January 15, 2015

And so it goes...

I try not to write about work too much - God knows it got me in enough trouble at my last job (actually, that's probably what got me fired!). Anyway, I had an older woman come in today looking for pricing on a storage unit. As we chatted I discovered that she was a pastor. I told her I was too. Of course, she asked where. I told her I wasn't currently in that position; that I'd done it for 14 years and it didn't end well, and that's why I was renting her a storage unit. She looked at me - or was it past me - and kind of muttered, "Yeah... that's why I need a storage unit." Then she started crying. She needed a place for her file cabinets and office things because she had just been informed they were letting her go... and they needed her office.

So we chatted for a bit, and before she left I told her she qualified for the 'friends & family' discount, and I would work out a better deal than what I had quoted her before. She thanked me and said she would call me Monday.

ADDED LATER: She called back later and told me she'd found somewhere else to store her items. I presume somewhere cheaper. So... that's about right.


MR said...

that... might not have been a coincidence.

bill Sloat said...

Like me, you have a more powerful ministry on this mission than you ever did in a pulpit.

Sort of like tentmaker Paul, eh?