Monday, January 19, 2015

Fws holiday party

This past Saturday night was our holiday party for where I work. It seems more and more places are moving their parties until after the holidays, which is okay by me. Rather than try to crowd even more things in before xmas, it seems easier on everyone to just wait. Jane's is this coming Saturday.

Anyway, we had dinner reservations at Granite City for 7:30. It was probably 8 before we got a table, and they have such an awkward waiting area, but what are you gonna do? Not everyone was there, but it was: Kyle (Amber), Karen, Drew (Carrie), Kendra (Tom), Michael, Dylan (his girlfriend), and Jane and myself. I had the 10 oz steak with baked potato and green beans, along with 2 glasses of the Bennie Bock. Everything I had was really good. Jane had some kind of fish - and it had little bones in it - plus they couldn't seem to get her wine order correct. I think everything was pretty good otherwise. I like GC, but it seems they could stand to get their act together a little more.

After we ate we all went to Columbia Street and continued the party until... a little too late probably. Things started a little tense. We had never been there before, and we parked across the street where everyone else was. We didn't even get across the street and a tow truck pulled up right in front of our car. Apparently I was parked in a spot for the apartment complex, and they were ready to tow me. So I moved the car about 20 feet and we all went inside.

It was actually nicer inside than I envisioned. We went in the back part, where the bands are, and got a table. Some band started at like 10:30. They were "okay." They played some good stuff, but a little too much country for me. There were a few people dancing on the lower level in front of the bar. When the band took their first break though, the club started playing more dance-type music, and the dance floor completely filled up! It was kind of funny, but I suppose the band didn't think so. It's not a good sign when the dance floor fills up WHILE YOU'RE ON BREAK! So they took a looooong break, and then started up again. People still danced, but not as many.

So, it ended up being a pretty fun night. I wasn't sure if we would even go to C-Street, but I'm glad we did. KZ actually had to preach the next morning, and we were greeters at church, but we all survived.

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MR said...

Well, I'm glad you've checked Columbia Street off your "Livin' in Fort Wayne" list, it only took 16 years. The last time I was there was Dec. 5th, 2009 when Lemonwheel brought all their gear up from Indy and kept the dance floor filled for most of the night. (I blogged it: Banding Together)