Thursday, January 01, 2015

New year's eve

Well, it's a whole new year. Just like that. It's funny how sometimes it actually does seem to make a difference... You know, just acknowledging it and all.

Anyway, yesterday we both worked. I got off at 2 pm (we closed all our offices) but Jane had to work til 5 pm. I was not busy with customers, but being the end of the year, we had some reports and extra things to do. I don't think Jane was too busy with customers, but she was getting text messages all night from their stupid atm system.

Last night we went out with some friends (Tim & Vicki) to Club Soda. It was my 2nd time there. Somehow Vicki got reservations at 7 pm on NYE. So we got dressed up (well, no blue jeans), and went out on the town. We had a table right near the bar, and right in front of where the band was setting up. 'Trackless' was playing at 9 pm. We'd heard them before, and they're good, but we were done before 9.

As for food... I ordered the stuffed chicken breast with green beans. Jane and I split a bottle of cabernet. I wished I'd ordered a filet or the walleye that Jane got. Oh well. Tim had duck and both girls had the fish. We also shared a piece of chocolate caramel cake for dessert. I was kind of surprised our bill wasn't more than it was, and it was helped hugely by the $50 gift card I had from work. So it was a nice night.

After that we went home and changed clothes, and were at the Feipel house around 9:30 pm. We babysat the grandkids while Drew Carrie went out and partied into the wee hours. Anna was asleep on the couch, for some odd reason Bennett was still awake, and Caleb was asleep in his crib. Bennett stayed up until after 1 am watching movies. Jane carried Anna up to bed around midnight and then she woke up right before we left. Caleb woke up a little before midnight and drank a bottle and then went back to sleep. It kind of seems like we got home around 2 am, but I'm not positive.

So, all in all, it was a good night. Here's to a good year.

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Pastor D said...

A wonderful meal with friends at one of the higher eateries in Ft. Wayne topped off with a quiet night with the grandchildren. Way a way to ring in a New Year! 2015 is already looking up!