Friday, January 02, 2015

We got a roku

Our big excitement for New Year's Day 2015 was buying a Roku thingy to stream movies and TV shows with. We don't have cable or satellite, and for the past several years we've just had what we can get with rabbit ears on our TV (actually, our upstairs antennae is taped to the wall above the piano). So we splurged and bought the Roku 2 for $69. Drew Carrie have one, and while we thought about other options, we just figured this was the best one for us. We don't have a new style TV, and we know how this remote works. We like it.

I hooked it up on our basement TV. Thanks to MR, we have a somewhat large old-style TV downstairs. It wasn't overly hard to hook up.

The first movie we watched was... 'Searching For Sugar Man' on Crackle TV. It's a documenary about Sixto Rodriguez - whom I had actually never heard of. What a great movie! Here is a Rolling Stone article about him. I will probably have to get some of his music now. Incredible stuff.

It's kind of exciting now thinking about all the movies and shows we can watch. I'll probably be REALLY lazy now.

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MR said...

I thought you must have turned on that TV, the lights dimmed on my side of town. If you connect the optional rabbit ears, you'll notice they work like a Jacob's ladder with arcing electricity between the antennae.

You guys are dodging High Def like I'm dodging a smart phone. Allow me to illustrate with anecdote how old HD technology is. When you first encountered me on this earth, I was at Best Buy picking out an HD TV. That would have been 2005. Ironically that purchase also resulted in a TV for you by inheriting the "monolith". (read: 2001: A Space Odyssey).

All the more reason I need to have a movie night, maybe a Super Bowl party, etc. After a while, anything but high def starts to look like a Picasso.