Thursday, February 26, 2015


I had a dentist appointment this morning. I go to Comfort Dental and it was my 6-month cleaning and check-up. They took x-rays, cleaned & polished my teeth, then the dentist looked at them. My regular dentist was gone today, though, so they had a substitute dentist there. My regular dentist is Dr. Bible. Seriously. That's why we chose him - because of his name. I like him, though, because he's real mellow. The lady that was there this morning was okay, but she seemed to be making a deal of things that my regular dentist doesn't. For instance, I haven't had a cavity in quite awhile; but this lady pointed out 3 teeth that needed "something" done (in her opinion). One was a cavity where I already have a filling, another was a filling that she said needed "smoothed out," and a third was a chipped tooth that Dr. Bible told me is not a problem. I caught the hygenist kind of rolling her eyes a little, and she told me that we would do the filling and then I could discuss the other things with Dr. Bible (meaning she didn't really think they needed done). So, the cleaning went well, but I didn't like the idea of having a cavity - especially in a tooth that already has a filling.

Then... when I went to pay, the lady informs me that my insurance is no good. I had given her our new insurance card when I arrived. She said it was only for medical, but not dental, and that our old insurance which included dental had been cancelled. So I asked what my options were. She was like, "Well, I need to know if you have insurance!" I told her that I had texted my wife - whom the insurance is through - but that she was in a meeting right now. Then she just looked at me. So I asked again, "What do you want me to do?" Again, she says, "I need to know if you have insurance!" I looked at her for a bit, then asked if my wife could just call her when she was out of her meeting. She said that was fine. Why didn't she just say that in the first place?! It was weird. I don't like being hassled at the dentist office. It's bad enough as it is.

So this was not the best dental appointment. For starters, I had a different girl than usual. For some reason I was in the middle room instead of the corner room where my usual person is. She was nice enough though. Then the substitute dentist was a little strange; the receptionist was not being very nice; but the worst part was the vertigo. I felt a lot better today than yesterday, but when they lay me back in the chair I had to ask them to wait a minute for everything to stop spinning. At least the girl had had this happen to her so she knew what I was talking about. It finally settled down, but then I had to go through the same thing when they sat me up. I had to sit there a bit to get my bearings straightened out.

Now I need to go back on March 12 to get my filling. First I need to make sure I still have dental insurance. Jane says we're paying for it, so we need to find out what it is and why the dentist office doesn't think we have it. Ugh. Back to back days of a doctor visit and dentist visit is more health stuff than I care to deal with. :)