Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dr. visit - firstcare clinic

I went to the doctor today. I wasn't planning to, but I've had this vertigo situation for several days now and I felt kind of sick after I got to work today, so I went down the street to the Parkview Physicians Group FirstCare Walk-in clinic. It is like a minute from my office. I thought it was a Redi-Med - which I've been to before - but since it wasn't I had to get registered and everything. It seems like a nice place and will be convenient as a clinic if I ever need it from work. It took me about a half hour to get registered. Then they just had me see a regular doctor in the office there, instead of the clinic. I'm not real sure what the difference is.

I saw Dr. Nidia F Villalba. She seemed nice enough. She diagnosed me as having vertigo, said I was maybe a little on the dehydrated side, and might have a virus of some kind. She also freaked out over my blood pressure. The first time the nurse took it it was like 160/102. I think it was a faulty reading. She had the nurse retake it, and she used a different sleeve, and it was 150/88. So, who knows. I felt like crap though, and having this dizziness kind of stresses me out. I told her I have an appointment with my regular doctor in a few weeks, but she wrote me a prescription for an additional blood pressure medicine anyway (metoprolol 50mg). She also wrote me a prescription for meclizine 25 mg. It is basically like Dramamine and can just be taken as needed for the dizziness.

I'm not sure if I will take either one. I will keep an eye on my blood pressure - which I do anyway. What's weird is that it had been somewhat low lately. I think it was just because I didn't feel good and whatnot. I don't know if I really need the meclizine either. The dizziness isn't all that bad, but I'm just kind of tired of feeling like this. Both of them can make you drowsy, and I don't need to be any drowsier. So we'll see. The main thing I need to do is drink more water. I will go get some now.