Monday, February 09, 2015

Sleep... and things

I didn't really feel like blogging this morning. I was a little irritated over something someone said on a Facebook post. You know, I don't really understand why some people feel the need to read something someone else has written, and if they disagree with it, they will say so on the other person's post. I mean, to me, if you disagree, you don't say anything; or you write your own post. Unless, of course, the person has asked for discussion. But when they haven't... I don't get it. It's like some people don't think others are capable of thinking things through for themselves. Meh... whatever.

Anyway, so I didn't know what to write today. So I got out the 5-Year Journal that daughter Carrie gave me for Christmas this year. Each day has a question of some kind. Today's question was: How late did you sleep?

That's not a very interesting question, but I think I slept around 8 hours last night. I seem to recall looking at the clock around 10 pm and suggesting we go to bed. We were in the basement. We'd just watched the end of an episode of The Wire (having started it in the afternoon but needing to pause midway through to go to a hockey game that we had free tickets to). We debated whether to watch another episode (it's on Amazon Prime) or switch back to the Grammy Awards. We opted for bed. Jane turned off the fire, I turned off the TV, and we headed upstairs. I'm guessing it was somewhere before 10:30 that we crawled in bed and went to sleep. I set my alarm for 6:12 or so this morning. I hit the snooze a couple times, and probably climbed out of bed around 6:30 am.

I've been sleeping pretty good lately. I almost always go right to sleep when I lay down. We have a noise machine, and usually have it set to play ocean waves continuous throughout the night. Sometimes I will wake up around 5-ish, and kind of just lay there. I'm very comfortable though, so I'll think about stuff, or pray, or whatever. I must fall back to sleep, because the alarm wakes me up. Jane is usually up before me, but I never hear her. Even when the alarm goes off it doesn't startle me. Yes, I've been sleeping good.

One thing that I believe improved my sleep in the last few months was getting a new pillow. I used to just buy the cheapest pillows I could find. Once when Jane was gone I used hers. It is one of those faux down pillows. So we grabbed one for me at JCP one time, and with the discounts we had, it ended up only being $5. That has really made it more comfortable when I wake up. I tend to sleep mostly on my side or front, and it helps for my head to just sink into the pillow. I would like to sleep on my back, but I often get the spins if I do that, though Jane says sometimes I do it and don't realize it.

So... that's what's up with that. Today.