Thursday, March 19, 2015

Auction day

We had our first auction of the year today at work. Ugh. I hate them. They are a lot of work to get ready for, there is a certain level of stress in making sure you do everything legally correct, plus it drains me emotionally thinking about someone losing all their belongings. This is one of the least enjoyable aspects of this job. However, I understand that if you don't pay your bill, something has to be done. We go to great lengths and are willing to negotiate with people in order to keep it from happening. Sometimes it is a necessity though.

Anyway, I only had 4 units to auction. I thought they were all pretty good units, but they did not bring very much money. What I thought was the best unit only brought in $45. I was expecting $400-$500. The other 3 went for $90, $105, and $290. So we lost a lot of money. There was a good crowd - maybe 35 or so people - but no one seemed too interested.

The only good news is that my delinquencies are down to 2.0%. That means I only have 12 people out of 600 who are late in paying right now. That's the lowest it has ever been for me. I was really hoping to drop into the 1%'s though. Dang.