Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dr. visit

I had a routine doctor checkup this morning. It was at 9:15 and I was actually out of there by 9:45 am. It went well.

My weight was 168 (fully clothed), so that was down 4 lbs from my last visit 3 months ago. My blood pressure was 110/80, and I was also happy about that considering the clinic visit I had several weeks ago when it was high. I've been keeping a keen eye on it since then and it's been nice to see it steadily drop since I've been exercising again. I suppose it didn't hurt that I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill before going to the doctor this morning.

The doctor asked again if I wanted a new prescription for the Zoloft - for a lower dose. I told him I would just keep this one because I've been feeling really good, and they are easy to break in half. I am currently doing 50 mg, which is what I started out on in the first place (before going to 100). I could still try to quit from this dosage, or he said to just call him if I wanted him to prescribe a lower dose. He said Z is so nice compared to the options they used to have.

I also asked about my left shoulder. He looked at it and said it's likely just some tendon or ligament issues. He suggested ibuprofen.

We talked about me getting some blood work done - since it's been awhile since I have - and he suggested I check into Focus on Health. They offer discounted services at several locations in mid-April. So I looked up the website (which still has last years info), but they do have a Facebook page. I think I will try to do that to get my glucose, liver & kidney function, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, psa, and maybe tsh tested.

So, I got to work around 10 am today. I guess it's good that I've had to stay late the last couple nights. And it's always good to have a good doctor checkup.