Monday, March 30, 2015

Eye doctor and at-home vertigo remedy

I went to the eye doctor Friday morning for my annual check-up. It went fine and the doctor said my eyes were healthy and my vision hadn't changed enough since last year to warrant a new prescription. My appointment was at 8:30 am. I arrived at 8:20 and updated my info and insurance card. I got called back right away and the assistant ran a bunch of tests. None of them were very bad, but I do not like when they put drops in my eyes and then tell me I need to open them real wide so they can stick this thing right up next to my eyeball to measure something. Anyway, then they dilated my pupils and had me wait in the waiting area again. They finally called me back again and the doctor came in and ran some more tests. I saw doctor Roth this time. He was nice, though not near as nice looking as Dr. Eggebrecht is. He asked me about the self-storage business because he wants to do that when he retires. Whatever. It all went fine, and I had to pay $10. I managed to drive to work on the interstate without too many problems from the dilation. It took awhile for it to go away though. Hopefully I will be good for another year now.

I also think I took care of my vertigo the other night! I first started feeling it towards the end of February and went to the First Care clinic. They gave me some medicine that I never did take. It got a little better, but hadn't really cleared up entirely. So I looked online at some of the treatments. I gave the Epley Maneuver a shot, and watched this Youtube video. There are other (and maybe better) videos, but these guys are kind of funny. Anyway, you know what? I'll be darned if it didn't fix it after only one try!!! I haven't had any dizziness AT ALL since I did it. I am slightly amazed. I had no idea. So that was kind of a relief.