Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Take-aways from the leading & managing class

One thing I like when taking a course or sitting in on a meeting, seminar or discussion of some kind... is to debrief at the end. I have learned over the years that this is vitally important. The last thing we did for our Coach Approach to Leading & Managing course last week was to list and share "What have been your key insights gained?" This is what I wrote down, and will hopefully share more about in days/weeks to come...
  • Leading & managing from a "chess" perspective rather than a "checkers" mindset.
  • The importance of listening dynamics - especially among teams.
  • Situational Leadership Model (p. 16).
  • The Feedback Model for Managers (p. 18).
  • Overcoming the 'five dysfunctions of a team.'
Also, as in any coaching situation, we were asked to consider our "next steps." I would rather not share them publicly at this time, but again, it is a very good thing to do at the end of this type event.