Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Jane sick, treadmill, bp, bible listening, etc

Just some random stuff today...

Jane was really sick Saturday night through Sunday night (stomach bug); she had Monday off work and still didn't feel great; went to work Tuesday; and ended up puking her guts out again all night last night. I think she threw up every 1/2 hour during the night. Anytime she drank anything at all it came right back up. I felt so bad for her. I wish I could help her get over this. I'm not really even sure what it is, because she doesn't appear to have any other flu-like symptoms. Hmm.

Speaking of health... Since my blood pressure was high last week, I decided I needed to start exercising again. I'm as heavy as I've probably ever been, and I have been very lethargic for a couple months now. So I've started walking on the treadmill again - working my way back up to running. I've already noticed a difference in how I feel, and my blood pressure was 134/87 this morning. That's still higher than it should be, but it's better than it was last week. I have a feeling it will keep improving as I keep exercising and lose some weight.

Also, while I've been using the treadmill, I've been listening to the Bible. I use the Youversion app on either my phone or my kindle, and it will read it for me. I also like to read along with it though - because I am a more visual learner than audible. I need to see things instead of just hear things. I don't really care for the voice it is read in, but it's free.

I've been listening to 1 & 2 Peter over and over. The new Bible Study I started last night is on 1 Peter. It has been a rather convicting book so far. I did not handle the hardships I faced over the last couple years in a very Christ-like manner. I think it will be good for me to go through this study. I was already a little humbled on the first night. It is apparently an "old guys" Bible Study. I was the youngest person by far - most of the other guys are all retired. It was a little humbling to realize I have been lumped in with the old guys. Oh well. I suppose it is where I need to be right now.

Also, I found another verse - 2 Peter 2:19 - that could be useful in coaching: "people are slaves to whatever has mastered them." Haven't looked up where this is quoted from yet. Coaching can be helpful to someone who feels they are enslaved to someone or something they don't want to be.

Anyway, I guess that's enough rambling for one day.