Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Things that aren't right... but are

Many things bubbling around today...

Tuesdays are good days for me. I start out the day either doing coaching or being coached, and after an 8-hour day of paycheck-earning, I will now be participating in a men's Bible Study every Tuesday evening.

In the meantime, there were two articles in particular that really caught my attention this morning and summed up a load of thought....

Daughter Carrie shared a link to Allison Vesterfelt's post on the Storyline blog. It's one I want to remember for the coaching practice. The title is 'The Most Destructive Thing You Can Believe About Yourself.' It's a good article, and fairly short read. I really like this piece from the end:
In order to help each other grow and blossom into our own, miraculous selves, we have to learn to trust ourselves, to stop thinking of ourselves as “only bad all the time.” We have to learn to help each other, in community, get beneath the noise of fear and get to the quiet wisdom we carry inside

THAT is what I want to accomplish with the coaching I do!

Then I stumbled upon this excerpt from Rachel Held Evan's' new book 'Searching For Sunday.' This would probably be the only thing to ever get me back into a church leadership position. I tried it once, though, and the people I trusted most ended up really burning me in the end, so... I don't know. Still, it sounds good.

As she points out, "It's strange that Christians so rarely talk about failure when we claim to follow a guy whose three-year ministry was cut short by his crucifixion." Hmm... Yeah. And she continues...