Monday, March 09, 2015

Would it really be a bad thing

I can remember sitting in a classroom on a college campus several years ago, talking with some big-wig church leaders from our denomination (the president of the seminary and director of our denomination were among them). We were discussing a book by Reggie McNeal and some surrounding thought that we might be in the waning days of church as we know it. What I recall thinking was... would that really be a bad thing?

It is rare that I am reminded of conversations from days gone by. I find it rather interesting, though, that the discussion leader in that classroom is a current blogging friend who has commented here from time to time. Bill is a man afire with passion for what he believes in. I admire his stick-to-itiveness.

As much as I admire Bill's intellect and passion, what I fail to understand is his desire to see our fledgling little denomination be righted. I have told him so. That doesn't mean I don't believe his reasons are valid - I just don't understand. Again, would it really be a bad thing for our denomination - or any and all denominations for that matter - to fold and no longer be relevant to the Kingdom??

I wonder this, and ask this, not in a rhetorical way or to make light of anyone or thing... I really wonder this. I don't believe it would be a bad thing even for "church" as we know it to cease to exist. In my opinion, that very thing just might be necessary to bring about 'the church' that Jesus represents. Instead of continually striving to 'improve on' what we have, maybe we need a complete do-over. But what do I know...

Anyway, I stumbled into this line of thinking while reading a post from long-time blogger and real-life apostle Andrew Jones. I have long admired his writing and simplistic (and nomadic) lifestyle. I even enjoyed meeting him and finding out he was rather... "normal." (that is meant as a compliment). At any rate, I enjoyed his latest post on living a balanced life. He discussed what it was like to learn from George Verwer (another man I have met and talked to and rather enjoyed the company of). I actually prefer the term "rhythm" to "balance"... but who's counting. I am still working towards it.

Okay, so, all that said... I don't know if any of those things are related... but they were all thoughts that crossed paths in my mind recently. I am all for new ways of living out what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I think this pictures says a thousand words or so (plus it's hilarious!).