Friday, April 10, 2015

Blood pressure and business progress

I checked my blood pressure last night. It was 107/76. I was happy with that, and I haven't even started running again yet. Hopefully I can stop with the lysinopril again this summer.

As far as the business... We have a partnership agreement, I ordered my business cards last weekend, the website is done "enough" (it has the basics, which is basically all we wanted). Some of the things left to do:
  • Get the Assumed Name Certificate at the courthouse
  • Open a business account at the bank
  • Set up a Paypal account to connect with the bank account
  • There are a few more books I would like to read sooner rather than later
There are a few more things we may investigate a little further, but otherwise we are in business. Some of the longer range plans I have are...
  • Continue building clientele
  • Work towards higher levels of certification
  • Look into some further life coach training/certification
  • Look into some further spiritual formation training
So... that's kind of where I'm at. My blood pressure is good, my mind is at ease, and I'm okay.

Peace out; and in.