Monday, April 13, 2015

Situational leadership

I'm still sharing bits and pieces from the Leading & Managing class. Another area that resonated with me during my most recent coaching class was the discussion of the 'Situational Leadership Model II' from Ken Blanchard (pictured below). According to our instructor, coaching is most necessary in quadrant 3. Of course this assumes a definite need to lead/manage from a chess mentality as opposed to checker. Not only is everyone different, but we are all at different places at different times in our lives.

Some ways to apply the SL II model are to consider the following questions:

1. Who in your organization right now is in Development Level 1? What do they need from you?

2. Who is a D2? What do they need from you?

3. Who is a D3? What do they need from you?

4. Who is a D4? What do they need from you?

5. As a manager, when is coaching not appropriate? (New employees, or people you can't force it upon)

6. In your current role, which development level are you? What do you need from your manager?

Good stuff to think about...