Saturday, May 02, 2015

My phone fix

I had been having trouble with my iphone 5 lately. One thing was the charger. When I would plug it in to charge it would occasionally not charge. Then I noticed that if I held it in a certain way it would, but as soon as I would let go, it would stop. So I did a Google search and found a very simple solution.

If you are having trouble with your phone not charging, try cleaning out the port in the bottom of the phone. I suggest a toothpick. I had tried just blowing, and some people suggest compressed air, but when I started digging out the lint I realized there was just too much packed in there. It was like a belly button full. It works great now.

The other issue we had was... Jane and I both have the same phone, and we share and Apple ID. When we upgraded to IOS 8.3 the other day, all of a sudden we started getting each other's text messages (iMessages). There were also some other issues. So, again, I did a couple day's worth of Google searches and was finally able to figure out how to set up my own Apple ID. We kept the same ID for our phones, and for pictures and iTunes, but I used my own for messaging and facetime. That seemed to take care of that.

So, there ya go, two fixes for the stupid iPhone. After having so much trouble finding actual details that were for OUR particular phones with our particular operating system, I can't believe these phones are as popular as they are. They are not very user friendly. But, nonetheless, we have them.