Sunday, June 07, 2015

Carrie turns 30

Holy cow! How do I have a daughter that is 30 years old?? Well, she is. Thirty with three kiddos. Pretty amazing. And for this special birthday, the whole family gathered together at Isaac & Ricci's house in Stone Mountain, GA. We even had a visit from their cousin Laura who lives in Chattanooga.

Carrie is still employed as a full-time stay-at-home mom, and all three munchkins are at home too. Anna is 4, Bennett 2, and Caleb 1. She is an amazing mom. She doesn't just lay around the house, but just about every single day they go and do something - whether it's a trip to the zoo, the YMCA, a park, a friends house, or something. I never would have guessed how great of a mother she would become. She also writes a fantastic blog and is very into fitness in her spare time.

They still live in the first house they bought on Cottage Ave. It provides a nice fenced-in back yard if nothing else.

They are probably on their way back home from Isaac's right now. Jane and I flew down and back.

We usually just give the kids money for their birthdays, but since this one was special for Carrie we also got her a necklace with birthstone beads for everyone in their family.

Here are a couple pics of my lovely children. The top one is Carrie's family, from Easter Sunday. The bottom is a pic of her and Isaac from this past Christmas. I probably should have put a picture from this weekend, but I wrote this before we left. Maybe I'll edit later. We'll see. Anyway, happy birthday, sweetie!!! Love ya!