Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dr. visit - bloodwork results; left heel pain

I went to the Dr. this morning. It was a regularly scheduled visit to go over the results of my blood tests I had done in April. I also wanted to ask about the pain I've been having in my left heel. This was a super-quick visit too - best I've ever had. My appointment was at 9 am, so I arrived at 8:55, and I was out the door at 9:10! I was the first patient of the day.

As far as the heel, he said it sounds like a ligament strain. He suggested I might want to try something called Zostrix. It's made from really hot peppers or something. He didn't think it was necessary, but it wouldn't hurt. I was happy about that.

As for my numbers:
  • Weight - 167 (fully clothed)
  • BP - 138/84 (I'd just run inside from the car in the rain; plus Advocare supplements)
My 'chemistry health screen' is as follows:
  • Sodium - 139 (should be 134-146)
  • Potassium - 4.5 (should be 3.6-5.1)
  • Creatinine - .9 (should be .8-1.3)
  • Uric acid - 6.1 (should be 3.5-7.2)
  • Calcium - 9.3 (should be 8.3-9.9)
  • Magnesium - 2.2 (should be 1.8-2.5)
  • Albumin - 4.6 (should be 3.4-5.0)
  • Iron - 116 (should be 47-149)
  • Bilirubin total - .6 (should be 0-1)
  • Cholesterol - 240 (should be 0-200)
  • Triglyceride - 233 (should be 0-150)
  • HDL - 50 (should be 40-60)
  • LDL - 143 (should be 63-130)
  • Non-HDL chol - 190
  • Chol/HDL ratio - 4.8 (average)
  • AST (SCOT) - 17 (should be 15-37)
  • Alkaline phos - 79 (should be 50-136)
  • Glucose - 102 (should be 70-99)
  • GFR non black - >60 (should be)
  • GFR black - >60 (should be)
  • PSA - .4 (should be 0-4)
The bold areas were the only ones outside of range. My doctor said he had actually just been to a conference on cholesterol, though, and he said they were stressing not worrying about the numbers as much if a person doesn't have any other risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, smoking, etc. Plus he acknowledged I had had way worse numbers before and that I am able to bring these in line with diet pretty quickly (which I've been working on since taking the tests). He also said his acceptable range for glucose is a little higher than theirs so he wasn't worried about it.

Overall he was very happy with the results. I was too! We both thought my blood pressure was likely due to one of the supplements I am taking with the Advocare 24-day Challenge, and he wasn't worried about it anyway. So, it was a good visit. I go back in 3 months for my next check-up.