Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New running shoes

I bought a new pair of running shoes Sunday. This picture, taken on our desk, doesn't really bring out the neon green laces and mid-sole; but I like them. Jane bought some too. We broke down and just went back to Three Rivers Running Company. I'm done buying cheap shoes and risking more foot problems. Not that it still can't happen, but it makes me feel better anyway.

Jane bought a pair of Brooks, and mine are the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 7. The Running Shoes Guru has a nice review of them HERE. What I liked, as stated by a reviewer in Runners World, "Testers found the weight, stack height and substantial heel-toe drop relegated the shoe to slow-paced training, but the forgiving stability, responsiveness and cushioning made it an all-around long-distance favorite for daily runs." Yes, that's just what I need: slow and steady.

I have always liked the look of Adidas shoes, and have had many pair, but this is the first serious running shoe I've had of theirs. I definitely didn't want the Nike's that were the last pair I bought 2 years ago. I just never liked those shoes (the fit and feel). And, while I liked the first pair of New Balance I had, I didn't care for the last pair. So hopefully these Adidas will do the trick. I can't wait to try them out.

Next race is this Saturday: the Ribfest 5k.