Thursday, June 04, 2015

Fort wayne food trucks "redeemer wednesday"

We wanted to get together with the grandkids (and their parents) for supper last night, and daughter Carrie suggested the "food truck thing" on Rudisill. We were okay with that, so we met them there.

Apparently every Wednesday night they have a "Food Truck Rally" at Redeemer Lutheran Church on Rudisill Blvd from 5-8 pm (they also have them at other locations on different nights). We found a parking spot along a side street. They also have a few available spots in the Redeemer parking lot. And... there are 6 or 7 of Fort Wayne's finest food trucks. It was pretty neat.

Most of them have their menu on a big board either on the ground or the side of their truck, and you just walk around and decide what you want to eat, then you can sit in the grass, in your car, or stand and eat in the parking lot. There was a nice little crowd of people, and of course some "unique characters," and we had a good ol' time. One guy had a huge St. Bernard dog - that ended up only being 11 months old! It was such a nice looking dog!

Anyway, we opted for the Brava's food truck (I had 2 Reggie Millers) and we found a spot in the grass to eat. The kids had a good time, and my hot dogs were fantastic! Some of the other trucks there were: PizzaBomba, Ragin Cajun, Spicer's, and... I can't recall the rest (apparently it varies).

In any event, I thought it was a splendid idea, and it's things like this that make me LOVE living in Fort Wayne! Way to go, Food Trucks! Although I kind of like the name "Redeemer Wednesday" myself (because it's at Redeemer...), I hope to go back regardless of what you call it. Highly recommended!