Friday, June 05, 2015

Vacation time and... ordination vows

I am off work today, and Monday. Unfortunately I used up my 5 days of vacation allotted for the year some time ago. So... any time I take off until Dec. 31 is unpaid. Whatever. I am not complaining about not having more vacation time, but it still seems weird that I used to get a month off every year and now I'm back to starting over. Such is life.

On a fairly unrelated note... I've also been thinking lately about what I would do if I were forced to decide between taking another church pastorate or giving up my ordination. No one has suggested it, but it is a possibility, I suppose.

I used to think a person's ordination was something they 'achieved,' but a friend once explained to me that it is actually more of a "submitting to the order of" a body of people. So, in essence, I have agreed to serve at the discretion of my ordaining group - the midwest cggc. They have the right to tell me they want me to pastor such-and-such church in such-and-such city. And I have no problem with that. What I don't know, though, is whether I would agree to do it, or... give up my ordination.

It's a dilemma in my mind at the moment. Not that I'm losing any sleep over it; just thinking about it. I suppose that could be construed as progress of some sort. Hmm...