Thursday, June 11, 2015

Inventory of aches, pains, and injuries

I've been feeling fairly good but have lately noticed a couple new aches & pains. I thought maybe it would be a good idea take an inventory of everything.
  •  The plantar fasciitis in the right heel is pretty much... healed, but I still notice it every now and then. It's not really an issue anymore.
  • I have lately developed this pain on the inside of the flat part of my left heel. I just noticed it about a week ago. It doesn't feel like plantar fasciitis. I only feel a twinge when I bend over a certain way - like to put my shoe on. It just hurts for a second, but that second hurts pretty bad. I started tying my shoes to see if that will maybe help. It doesn't bother me at all other than when I bend over.
  • My knees have not been bothering me at all since I've started jogging again. Time must have helped them heal.
  • My left arm/shoulder still bothers me some. One area is the middle of my bicep between the elbow and shoulder. The pain seems to come and go, but sometimes is worse when I'm laying in bed at night. It's weird. 
  • I hadn't realized how much my shoulder hurt until trying to crawl across some monkey bars with the kids in Atlanta last weekend. I couldn't do it. I had no strength in my left shoulder at all.
 So, really, that's not too bad. At least I don't think so. Nothing is so painful that I take anything for it. One thing I look forward to as I begin to run again is being able to feel all the different areas of my feet and legs. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it's like the definition or something. I dunno.

Well, that's about all for that.