Thursday, July 16, 2015

Donald trump represents everything that's wrong with evangelicalism

I know you're never supposed to start off with an apology, but I don't have the time or energy to give this argument the voice it needs at the moment. However, let me just say, I am completely dumbfounded by what I see happening in certain evangelical circles in regard to the 2016 Presidential race in the US of A.

First off, I admit that I think Donald Trump is a joke, not only in his bid to be president of the United States, but even just as a person. I can't believe anyone is actually taking him seriously as a candidate. So imagine my surprise yesterday when I saw some people who I thought of as God-fearing Christians posting on Facebook this article "Donald Trump Made Huge Announcement To All Christians ... He's the Only One Saying This." The gist of the article is that no one is sticking up for the Christians of the world, so Trump vows to represent and defend them/us like no one else will.

Now, I can understand how there are people who like this. But, really, the Donald wants to represent all Christians??? I kind of thought that was Jesus' place. And someone is going to stick up for and fight for Christians??? I kinda thought we were to turn the other cheek. I thought we were to give, rather than take. I thought we were to serve out of love, not demand our rights.

So there's that sort of thing... But lets not forget who we're talking about here. Donald Trump's life is built on money, greed, taking advantage of others, and succeeding by forcing others into submission. In a dog-eat-dog world, he is ferocious. How then does that jive with the life and teachings of Jesus?

Yes, he talks a good game (maybe). He certainly knows how to persuade people. How else would he be where he is. Personally, my issue is not with Donald Trump though. What upsets me more are the people who claim allegiance to Jesus but are somehow finding Donald's ways appealing. Like, how we live our lives doesn't really matter, as long as we say the right things. THAT is what I have a problem with! I believe the message of Christ is just the opposite. It DOES matter how we live our lives; how we treat those around us; how we go about our daily tasks; and our actions and our words should line up.

Anyway... while I really wanted to avoid politics altogether, and I still cannot bring myself to think Donald will actually be a serious candidate, I am quite disappointed to see things like this happen. I will get over it, but I gotta shake my head for a little while. Geesh.