Friday, August 14, 2015

A random friday thing

I remember, once upon a time, when I used to post "Five Things Friday." It was just 5 random things. If I were more serious about this I should probably do more things like that. But...... Anyway, these are just some random things I have on my mind this morning.

Yesterday one of my customers came in to tell me she wasn't going to be able to pay her bill. She is a student, and has been a tenant here off and on for years. I appreciated the honesty and told her I would work with her as best I could. She asked to use the restroom (as she almost always does when she comes in), and hung around and talked for awhile (as she almost always does when she comes in), and then she started telling me a little about her life. She has been sleeping in her car. At one point she just stopped and asked me point blank, "Do you know of any women's shelters where I could go?" I responded, "Actually, I do." Jane and I used to volunteer at a women's shelter in town, so I looked up the info online and printed it off for her. We chatted some more, and I'm really hoping she sought help there.

After work last night I went to one of the small groups we meet with. Thursday nights we meet in the home of some people from church, and there can be anywhere from 10-20 (so far) people there to eat, share and pray together. A new family was there last night, and the husband/father is actually a new staff member at church. We chatted a little, and I found out that he is good friends with a guy that was in a coaching huddle I was briefly in a couple years ago. We thought that was funny. But then... I went home and looked up my blog post from those days, and it turns out the guy that was there last night was in the same huddle!!! We had both totally forgotten. Ha! Not sure what that says about either of us, but I thought that was funny.

Thursdays are also the day I meet some pastor friends for breakfast. There has been a new one there the past couple weeks. He's the new pastor at the Methodist church. Seems like a nice guy, but you can tell he's been doing it for a long time. 30+ years.

I started taking some new vitamins this week. They are a men's formula, and are supposed to help with metabolism. I suppose they have some caffeine in them, and they have given me some energy, but I have to watch myself. It seems whenever I get too much energy I talk to much, and then I say things I shouldn't, and I just kind of lose control. Bad things tend to happen when I get like that. We'll see.

I have been trying to up my running lately. I would still just like to run 4 days a week, and maybe do 3 miles one day, 4 or so one day, 5 or more one day, and then a longer run on the fourth day. This morning I did 5 1/2 miles in about an hour. My speed is pretty slow, but my legs and feet are feeling really good right now, so I hate to push it too much. I would still really like to do a marathon, but I'm just not sure it's going to happen again this year. I am going to do the half at the end of September, and I'll use that as a gauge. The marathon I would run is in November.

Well, I suppose I should get busy. I am at work, but I decided to sit down and blog before I got distracted today. It seems most days I intend to blog at work, and then I get to doing stuff, and it just never happens. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about things right now. Imagine that.