Saturday, August 15, 2015

Did country music create donald trump?

(I have no idea who the other guy is)
Okay, this is sort of an off topic random thing - even for my blog... But m'Lady and I attended one of our favorite Friday evening locale's last night, and where they usually have some kind of live music to groove too - be it rock, blues, jazz, reggae, or something along those lines - last night they had COUNTRY music! And, to be fair, there are some kinds of country music I like. I like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, the Eagles did country... there's plenty of good "country-ish" music out there. However, I do NOT care for that twangy "commercial country" stuff. That's what it was last night. Ugh. It was offensive to my ears; an assault on my intelligence; it was simply too painful to be anywhere near. It fouled the very air we were trying to breathe.

We tolerated the opening band, thinking maybe the headliner would make up for it. We stayed for one song and we were outta there! This was not going to be a salvageable experience.

So... as we walked around downtown - or maybe it was while we were still sitting through the torturous obligatory listen - it occurred to me that...

I believe this type of country music is to blame for things like Donald Trump.

I'm sorry, but it makes you feel stupid! I know, this is probably very offensive to some people, but how else can you explain someone like 'The Donald' having the popularity he has? It's the dumbing down of America, and I don't know if country music created it, or just contributed to it... heck, maybe it's a result of it. I don't know, but I don't like it.

So, there, I've written something really rotten and offensive to start off my Saturday. Ugh, it was just an awful experience though. I need to go wash my ears out with soap.