Friday, August 07, 2015

Pause points

I ran across this brief post from Five Capitals on "How to Stop, Reflect, Discern, and Decide." You can read it by clicking the link, but they suggested taking occasional "pause points" - as Jesus did - to reflect and recalibrate. It struck a chord with me and they suggested the following process. I think the wife and I are at a place where we could benefit from this...


Do you regularly get away to:
  • Discern where you’re at?
  • What God’s up to?
  • How He’s calling you to proceed?


Dive deeper and ask yourself:
  • What are the big things has God done the first 6 months of the year?
  • Who has been the most beneficial or impactful within your friendships?
  • Where has God been the most at work?
  • How has God been changing and transforming you?
In light of your responses, now use the following questions to recalibrate your goals and priorities for the rest of the year:


Use these questions to recalibrate:
  • Where’s the grace out ahead of me? Personally? As a Family? Professionally?
  • What do I feel called to “Go For” or “Go After” in this next season?
  • Who are the people I want to journey with and stay connected to? Are there people I want get closer to? Or need to distance myself from?


Consider these questions as you now take next steps:
  • What do I: Maximize? Minimize? Move into? Move out of?
  • How do I get started?
  • Are there clear next steps?