Saturday, August 01, 2015

Template change

Lately I've been thinking of updating the template for this blog. I use one of the old, old, old templates blogger offered, and it has some customized html. I've held onto it because I like the simple look, and also because I'm afraid of losing something in the transition (not to mention the 'vintage factor'). However, there are some new features I would like to take advantage of and my old custom template doesn't allow them to work. I've resisted the urge to do so for a long time by telling myself I don't really care how functional or popular my blog is, but I suppose it's a little vain to resist changing for the sake of resisting too. So.... one of these days things will probably look a little different. I'm hoping not too much, and that I don't lose anything, but... if I do... so be it. And, for what it's worth, I have always been pretty happy using Blogger as a host. No complaints so far - which will be 10 years in October - so I probably shouldn't worry about it.