Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dr. visit

I had a routine doctor visit this morning. It went well, and quick! It was scheduled for 9 am, and I've discovered that if I get there first, since they open at 9, I can usually get out pretty quick. I was done at 9:13.

My weight was 159, which is what I expected. My blood pressure was higher than it had been. It was 136/86. Honestly, I don't think I was truly at rest when the nurse took it. I was chatting and moving around, and stuff. The doctor said it was fine.

Other than that, I didn't have any issues to discuss. My feet, knees, and everything else are feeling great. We talked about running a little (he's a runner too). He asked if I ever got flu shots. I told him I never had, and he said he wouldn't really recommend it then since I'm healthy and in good physical condition. I did ask about a shingles shot, and he said they usually suggest that once you turn 60.

I did get a new Lisinopril and Sertraline prescription. I don't need them, but my old scripts had run out, and I figured I'd just get the prescription to have handy should I decide to start up again.

Afterward I was kind of hungry, so I decided to celebrate with a McDonald's sausage & egg McMuffin. I know they're probably terrible for me, but they are soooooo good.