Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Labor day weekend 2015

We didn't do much for the extended weekend of Labor Day 2015. We did, however, both manage to have Monday off.

Saturday -
Jane worked Saturday morning (as usual). I was going to go for a long run, but just as I was getting ready to leave, Carrie called and needed someone to watch the two older kids because she had to take C to the doctor. So I went over to their house. 'A' played at the neighbors, and B and I just sat and watched TV. It was pretty easy peasy.

When Jane got home we had lunch at our usual spot. She then took Carrie and A shopping for school supplies, and I stayed home and took a nap. When I woke up I did my run. It was way too hot to do it, much less in the afternoon.

Saturday night we went to the library for "Zepfest." Interestingly enough, the first and last band played Led Zeppelin songs, but the middle band played all AC/DC songs. Whatever. The last band was 'Soft & Heavy,' who are a favorite of ours. They are all young guys, but every one of them is an excellent musician.

Sunday -
We went to the usual place for the Sunday worship gathering. We thought about going elsewhere because... well... whatever. Instead we just went, sat in the back corner like always, were dinterested, and went to lunch with Carrie and A afterward. Drew stayed home with the boys who were not feeling well. I think we probably took a nap in the afternoon, and then we watched the grandkids at their house so Drew & Carrie could go to a Tincaps game.

Monday -
We slept in (until 7 or 8) then went for a run late morning. We were planning to do a long run, but after about 3 1/2 miles we just walked the last 4 1/2. After that we decided to go to the afternoon Tincaps game. It was really hot, and we were feeling pretty worthless, so we just drank beer and didn't do much else. We've been trying to not drink - or not drink so much - but sometimes it just doesn't seem like it matters much.

Anyway, later in the afternoon we got some brats to cook on the grill, then Carrie invited us over there for supper. So we took our brats to their house and had supper together. Then we went home and vegged in front of the TV watching American Ninja Warriors, or whatever it is, until we went to bed.