Monday, October 19, 2015

A weekend back home

We took another weekend trip back home to North central Illinois. No particular reason. We just needed to get away for awhile, and Carrie wanted to visit Tanners Orchard in Peoria. Jane and I left around noon on Friday. Carrie made the trip alone with the kids again, arriving on Saturday. I came back to Fort Wayne yesterday afternoon, and Jane, Carrie and the kids will be coming back today.

Some of the random happenings:
  • Friday night we stayed at my parent's house and played cards and drank wine.
  • Saturday morning I fixed my mom's email (I think). It would receive but not send. I changed a few settings, but also deleted over 4500 emails out of her inbox. Ugh.
  • I also mowed my parent's lawn for them Saturday. Their neighbor often does it, but uses a riding mower. My mom prefers it done with the push mower.
  • Saturday afternoon and night Jane and I went out to the Psycho Silo again. It is this crazy awesome biker bar just outside of town. It's more of an outdoor bar, and they were having the '1st Annual Last Stand'. I would guestimate there were well over a thousand people there, and I've probably never seen more motorcycles in one place in my life. They had live music all day and night, and all kinds of events going on. It was our first time watching a "burn out" contest too. We were hoping to see more people we knew, but unfortunately we only saw a hand full. We ended the evening at Brothers in Sheffield and visited there with some old friends.
  • On Sunday Jane and I went to Bunker for church, and Carrie took Anna and Caleb and went to Kewanee. We heard a pretty good - yet convicting - sermon from Stephen. The service didn't suck, but it's amazing how mechanically archaic it still is. Oh well. It was nice to actually see some people we knew.
  • After I left Sunday, everyone else went down to Tanners. It sounded like the grandkids had a really good time, and the adults were maybe a little worn out. :)
  • The worst part about the whole weekend is that I seem to have lost my magnetic clip-on sunglasses. I'm sure they just fell out of my pocket sometime Saturday night or something. Dang.
Overall it was a nice trip back to the old home though. Every time I go there is always this, "Could/should we move back here?" I'm sure we 'could.' It would be hard getting used to knowing every single person you saw again. But... I dunno. I guess it is what it is.